Construction ERP

Numerous companies, all over the world, are making use of innovative software related to their business to boost their final output. The ERP for Construction helps in managing and organizing contracts between subcontractors,partners, vendors, customers and employees. ERP for Construction is built in with all the necessary features that are extremely helpful for construction companies.

Around a decade ago the construction field faced the problem of the recession and sudden drop in demand, the reason being the high cost of construction material. Due to the high cost of construction materials,people in the process of constructing their Projects, either postponed their construction plans or permanently dropped the idea. Many Construction companies had to reduce their profits to stay competitive and for that they had to cut their manpower and other costs. Construction ERP designed by eresource Nfra resolves this problem of shortage of manpower, and also the tedious process of lengthy calculations.

eresource ERP for Construction is a leading construction management software widely adopted by the construction industry. The product enables medium to large construction companies manage all aspects of construction management including Project Management & Control, Budgeting,Stores, Billing,On site management,estimation,purchase, CRM etc. The product captures the workflow and help finish the projects on time within budget. eresource ERP for Construction tailored to the need of construction industry using the state of the art software technologies and provides alerts and real time cash flow information.Our ERP software saves a construction company 20-30% in operational costs and Return on Investment(ROI) is huge.eresource ERP for Construction Control Projects, Budget and schedules from the begining to ensure profitability Plan and execute projects quickly and easily. Seemless Integration of all the modules ensures accurate snapshot of project status and cost overruns