ERP Software for Contractors

Eresource Nfra ERP is exclusive ERP for all type of Contractors be it Construction Contractor, EPC Contractor, MEP contractor, Architecture Contractor, Oil & Gas Contractor, Electrical Contractor so on and so forth, which assists a wide range of firms in planning and managing their complete project lifecycle, right from estimating, ordering and project costing to budgeting, client billing and financial reporting.

As a complete end-to-end solution, eresource Nfra ERP helps you gain visibility, gives insight and control across all projects, real time access for On-site activities thus enhancing decision-making, maximizing resource utilization, increasing customer satisfaction and improving operational efficiency. Eresource Nfra ERP provides you with operational controls and tools that are essentially needed in today’s competitive business environment.

Designed to fulfill the unique demands of engineering operations, eresource Nfra ERP consolidates purchasing with your stock needs,warehouses and inventory for projects and gives you total control over your stock at all times. Our ERP software provides web-based access timely, business-critical information enabling teams to share knowledge, collaborate smoothly to complete tasks and deliverables, and adjust activities to quickly accommodate project changes and updates. eresource Nfra ERP for Contractor allows you to take complete control of your Project and subcontract cycles, tenders, process and defect management. Keep track of the paperwork and finances associated with contracts from a single, easy to use point of reference.

In a Contracting business where every step depends on the one before, Contractor/subcontractor management and project collaboration are absolute necessities. Contractor management software must be able to coordinate project teams with accountability, but without duplicating data entry. This should be done without sacrificing real-time project data or security requirements, while maintaining a high level of subcontract processing. Eresource Nfra ERP has the ability to do just that, through a fully integrated solution that starts with job cost and ends at project completion.

Eresource Nfra ERP provides an easy-to-use interface that offers detailed reporting. In a field where knowing actual costs vs. budget and committed costs are critical, eresource Nfra ERP delivers with change order tools and useful cost to completion analysis to keep you informed. Now, the ability to effectively manage subcontracts and the scope of the entire project are integrated into one powerful Contractor Management software solution. Eresource Nfra ERP provides ERP solution for All Contractors that addresses all the project management, financial and operational requirements of executing Construction/Infrastructure/EPC Contractors projects. Built from the ground up to address the challenges of Construction/Infrastructure, and EPC Contractors, Construction Infrastructure /EPC Contractors ERP helps manage and control projects by providing complete and instant access to its progress.

Using the eresource Nfra ERP for Construction/Infrastructure/EPC Contractor ERP platform, contractors can obtain real time data of project profitability and analyze costs, revenues, liabilities and subcontractor performance.

Change Management With ERP Implementation - ERP For Construction Industry

The working of construction industry is very different from other industries. It involves people right from lowest level such as the construction labors, plumbers, plaster men, painters, electricians, carpenters etc. These people are hardly believed to have any basic knowledge about computer. While on the other hand there are the architects, electrical contractors, directors, the board of directors, CEO’s and other highly qualified managerial staff of the industry. Thus, construction industry is said to have wide variations in its working. This wide variation within the construction industry acts as a challenge in the development of the ERP for a construction Industry.

There are other challenges too like need to communicate with other related businesses such as material and equipment suppliers, vendors, subcontractors and clients. ERP systems are being used by construction companies to improve response and relations with the customers, strengthening supply chain partnerships, enhancing organizational flexibility, improving decision making capabilities and reducing project completion time and lower costs. The eresource Construction ERP is designed to integrate and partially automate many of the company’s business processes such as human resources, accounts, sales, billing and invoicing, administration, managing site, inventory and sales. The goal of eresource Construction ERP is to automate all the processes running in the construction Industry and to maintain all the information related to the enterprise. Apart from having a large growth in constructions the construction Industry rarely use ERP systems. The major reason is that the implementation of any ERP system is expensive in terms of investment in time, money and resources. But eresource Construction ERP (eresource Nfra )systems acts as a powerful tool for business improvement.

Eresource Construction ERP can lead to:

• Better Cost & Fund Management
• Streamlines and standardize all business processes and operations
• Maximum utilization of company resources
• Maintain log on project issues for record keeping and resolution
• The average inventory is considerably reduced
• Dashboards and metrics to monitor each level of project progress
• Ability to track and analyze each task and operation.
• Effective communication between all departments and attain maximum productivity
• Reduces costs and improves quality and efficiency delivering increased profits
• On- site portal helps to gain visibility in real time.
• Usage of Manpower, Material, Plant and Machinery at sites are efficiently done & optimized
• Gives Assured Direct Savings to the tune of the Construction Turnover (Cost of Land, Material, manpower, Other)
• Possible customer value in the future that has been created due to ERP implementation
• Track project budgets. To track at an individual project level and at a summary level.
• To have a built in work flow so that it is easy for the user to know what is to be done next for each task required.

As a result Construction Industry needs an eresource Construction ERP Solution to gain all the benefits and to manage all the data and information accurately, timely and consistently. More importantly, Construction industry needs a standard and complete integrated system to consolidate and handle the data. Lack of such complete integrated system may affect badly for Construction Industries in the long run. Eresource Construction ERP is Researched, Designed, and Developed by construction functional experts with technical excellence of software professionals.