ERP Software for Electrical Contractor

Electrical equipment manufacturers needs continuous upgradation in their process to keep up with the latest emerging technology so as to outstand in the race. Market always demands manufacturers to modernize tools and electrical products with advanced features and compatible functionality. Which shows how manufacturers enhance their engineering designing . While doing this upgradation in process manufacturers also needs to balance inventory levels as per the market demand along with good quality and performance reliability .
Satisfying such a challenging needs of Market, manufacturers or contractors need to implement a compatible ERP products which will make a half job done . We nfra eresource ERP provides solution to your organization which give feature rich and cost effective electrical equipment in spite of tight deadlines. Nfra eresource ERP is not just software but will act as a right hand in your business
All the electrical contractor has to do is get the ERP implemented in his system, and the ERP for Electrical Contractors will take care of the rest.

Nfra ERP provide all the necessary module like:
Customer Relationship management
Human Resource Management System
Store/ Inventory Management
On - Site Engineer Management
Project Management
Budgeting and Billing