Material Planning Software

Construction industry is flourishing as one of the most sought-after industry as real estate business and other infrastructure projects are becoming necessary rather than luxury in today's developing world. Therefore these industries have to be readied with technological advancement that could cope up with the high demand in the market. As the world is moving on a fast phase time is an important factor when it comes to serving customers.

As far as the construction and other infrastructure industry is concerned an effective material planning software holds the key. This is because companies having too much inventory can result in obsolescence and increased costs and not having enough can result in lost sales, delayed deliveries and overtime premiums. Here the challenge is to increase sales and preserve on-time deliveries while working to lower costs, reduce inventory levels and manage supplier relationships. Companies that can master this balancing act enjoy on-time customer deliveries without over investing working capital in inventory.

A separate Material Planning software has become a thing of past. However this has been taken care of by web-based ERP product as such eresource nfra ERP, that not only allows you to work from anywhere but also can be implemented at an affordable price, either on premises or on cloud. Our system provides an efficient Material Planning module with complete online material requirements analysis so you can create your purchasing plans, deal more effectively with scheduling conflicts, and ensure that materials and services are delivered on-time for the work schedule and according to specifications and estimates.

Eresource nfra ERP works as a Material Planning software that will help the sales order and forecast demands. Material Planning module generates what are termed planned work orders for manufactured items and planned purchase requisitions for purchase or subcontract items. Forecast demands, or not only end items but any item can be entered as well. A forecast demand for an item denotes the start period date and the end period date and the quantity forecasted for that period. Material Planning software will perform the traditional 'netting' and plan to the greater of the Sales Order Demand and Forecast demand.

Material Planning in eresource ERP take control of your entire procurement process with the most comprehensive purchasing solution available today. Our construction materials management software will help you efficiently produce and track purchase orders and requisitions, manage materials and back orders, and export price and cost data to multiple systems. This ERP system allows instant access to your entire purchasing history, right at your fingertips. Seamlessly integrate your purchasing information with estimating and accounting functions to maximize efficiencies and lower processing costs.

Material Planning Software helps you to:

  • Generate and manage purchase orders and requisitions
  • Manage vendor pricing
  • Access entire purchasing history.
  • Track project materials and backorders
  • Standardize purchasing process
  • Produce professional, detailed reports

Material Planning in eresource nfra ERP completely streamlines information management and integrate your projects from estimating all the way through progress tracking, where you'll have the tools to track your project's material to ensure quality management.